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Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy


Accounting for Kids, Inc. introduces financial literacy concepts in a fun and interactive manner that help students gain practical knowledge and experiences related to personal finance. Financial literacy skills can empower students to alter the course of their financial lives and assists them as they grow and become productive adults.


Released in March 2014, an examination of data from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation's National Financial Capability Study (state-by-state survey), found that millennials are struggling financially. In particular, they exhibit a number of problematic financial behaviors, display low levels of financial literacy and express concerns about their debt. Young adults may be able to read, and they may be able to write. However, they probably won't have the ability to effectively evaluate and manage their finances in order to make prudent decisions toward reaching life's goals. Improving basic financial education at the elementary and secondary school level will provide a foundation of financial literacy that can help younger people avoid making poor decisions that can take years to overcome.


By working together, we can provide skills and guidance to young people that will allow them the opportunity to establish good spending, savings, and budgeting habits that should benefit them throughout their lives.


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"What a great day we had with 60 elementary school kids.  I think this is a great program."


-Jack Malone, CPA, Huntington Financial Group, Columbus

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